Bio.Plant (1L/5L)

Bio.Plant (1L/5L)
Bio.Plant 1L
Bio.Plant 1L
Bio.Plant 5L
Bio.Plant 5L

Bio.Plant (1L/5L)

BIO.PLANT 是一种无色液体, 在植物生长季节通过喷洒BIO.PLANT 在植物叶子表面, 便能达到植物持续增长的效果。BIO.PLANT 通过叶子直接作用于植物的新陈代谢,起着更重要的肥料作用,它也促进了蒸发水的吸收以及空气中微量营养素的加工。


1. 增加植物根系成长

2. 补偿并矫正植物营养不足问题


4. 提高盈利能力

5. 提高秸秆稳定性

6. 能量含量更高

7. 减少地表径流,微生物固定、挥发和反硝化作用

8. 让土壤水分收限制的干旱地区快速恢复缺乏的氮素

9. 快速结果,保持长时间开花

10. 激活特定的植物机制

11. 农作物增产, 减少生长压力

12. 改善植物健康,更好的耐冷热性

13. 提高以及增强植物的抗病、抗热。抗寒冻能力

14. 稳定植物干旱时期的成长

What is BIO.PLANT?
BIO.PLANT is a colourless liquid. Spray BIO.PLANT on the plant leaves' surface during plant growth period will ensure the plants reach a continuously growing effect. BIO.PLANT will undergo plants metabolism directly through the leaves, and have a more vital fertilizer effect, stimulate the absorption of evaporation water and the processing of micronutrients.

Benefits of BIO.PLANT

  • Improve the growth of the plant's root system
  • Improve and correct the nutrients imbalance problem
  • Improve plants immune systems, fewer diseases, and pests
  • Improve yield
  • Improve the stability of straw
  • A higher amount of energy
  • Less surface run-off, microorganisms stabilize, volatile and anti-nitrification
  • Let the arid area (restricted soil moisture) recover from the lack of nitrogen rapidly.
  • Bear fruits faster, and flowers will remain open for a long period
  • Activate specific plants mechanism.
  • Increase yield, lower down the growth pressure.
  • Improve plant health, greater resistance to cold and heat.
  • Improve and strengthen plants resistance to diseases, heat, and frost damage
  • Stabilize plants growth during drought period.


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